Piano, Keyboard & Trumpet Lessons in Spokane

Why Take Music Lessons? I Believe In The Power Of Music

The research confirms it, my personal experience affirms it. It has not only given me career opportunities, it has given me purpose. This shy, skinny, insecure kid, made an amazing discovery. Being a musician was like having a superpower!

From that revelation forward, everything changed. I truly believed anything was possible. Turns out, I was right. I have had the incredible blessing and privilege of my life’s work within the music profession as a musician, audio engineer and educator.

Empowering young people to believe in the gifts God has blessed them with! Giving them a voice, not just any voice, THEIR VOICE.

Sure, we are making musicians, but more importantly, we’re making a difference in someone’s life, someone’s family and in our communities… If it starts with simply making a Joyful noise, let’s see how much louder we can make it when that noise starts sounding like music!

If there ever was a time we could use a little more joy, it’s now!

Halloween 2023 Recital

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Private, Group and Course Music Lessons:

  • Keyboard & Piano
  • Vocal Coaching
  • Trumpet
  • Saxophone
  • Audio Engineering
  • Sound Design/ Synthesis Programming
  • Music Production
  • Music Software Applications
  • Composition / Arranging

Experience the thrill of learning the songs YOU want to play. Everything from classic rock like Journey, Toto and Styx, to hits of today from Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, MercyMe, Third Day…

Discover the excitement of learning how to compose and record a fully produced, professional sounding CD of your own music.

Kevin Wakefield combines his broad musical experience, his knowledge and aptitude for technology and his distinct musical vocabulary to create a fun, unique and comprehensive learning environment for all ages that will have you sounding like the Pro’s sooner than you ever imagined.

On stage or in the studio, Kevin has 30 years of experience with music production as well as performing in touring groups, variety bands, corporate entertainment acts, theme park shows and worship teams playing keyboards, trumpet, accordion, guitar and singing.

From beginner to professional, if you want to become a better musician, have a better working knowledge and understanding of your instrument and technology you are using to perform and record your music, give Kevin a call. He can equip you with the tools necessary to help you fulfill your musical desires.


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Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm.

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