Kevin Wakefield combines his broad musical experience, his knowledge and aptitude for technology and his distinct musical vocabulary to create a fun, unique and comprehensive learning environment for all ages that will have you sounding like the Pro’s sooner than you ever imagined.

On stage or in the studio, Kevin has 30 years of experience with music production as well as performing in touring groups, variety bands, corporate entertainment acts, theme park shows and worship teams playing keyboards, trumpet, accordion, guitar and singing.

From beginner to professional, if you want to become a better musician, have a better working knowledge and understanding of your instrument and technology you are using to perform and record your music, give Kevin a call. He can equip you with the tools necessary to help you fulfill your musical desires.

Kevin Wakefield - Music Teacher

In addition to my private teaching practice, I also teach a variety of music classes in the public school system at the elementary level. Let’s take a look at how I got here.

The Early Years
It all started when I was 10 years old. I was taking piano lessons at the time but was not hitting it off with my teacher so I asked for a trumpet for my birthday. When my mother asked me “why a trumpet”? I responded, “because of the Herb Albert and The Tijuana Brass album you just brought home”. I absolutely loved it. My dad’s response was classic. “It ‘s better than that acid rock stuff your brother listens to”. (Maybe the pretty lady on the album cover had a little to do with it.) The trumpet transformed the way I saw myself. This shy, skinny, insecure kid, all of a sudden felt like a super hero. My friends and family were always asking me to play something. By the time Jr. High rolled around I was band president and MC for our performances. I was hooked, All City Band practice on weekends, big concerts in the park during the summer, it felt like a career.  In high school it was Stage Band, Marching Band, Concert Band…I couldn’t wait for the next band concert, parade or performance. Just give me the Mic! It was my time to shine. My senior year I was voted “Most Talented” in my graduating class. Maybe that was true, maybe not. What is true, is, I knew music was going to be my career path by the 8th grade. For the record; Band Geeks Are Cool!

It was my freshman year at Eastern Washington University when I made another discovery, I could sing. After the song The Sultans Of Swing made this, now, infamous proclamation “they don’t give a damn about any trumpet playin’ band It ain’t what they call rock n’ roll” , I thought “well there goes the trumpet”. Thank God I could sing. And thank God for those early childhood piano lessons. As far as I know Dire Straights never accused Elton John or Billy Joel of not being rock n’ roll, so I was ready to move on!

Hit The Road
Over the years I have performed in touring groups, variety bands, corporate entertainment acts, theme park shows and worship teams, playing keyboards, trumpet, saxophone, accordion, guitar and singing. My latest group, Alive and Kicking, can be seen out and about. You can learn more about them here.

The first lessons I learned as a composer were bitter sweet. I wrote songs as a teenager in a rock and roll band in hopes for that coveted record contract. OMG, listening to some of those early attempts takes a great deal of patience and sense of humor. The sweet part is, our group “Lion” eventually did release an album that we are very proud of. It actually has a few moments of glory sprinkled about.

From Rock N Roll to Rock Of Ages
The transition begins here in 1989 when I was hired as music director and audio engineer for National Music Service, the world’s largest provider of music to the funeral industry. In 2002 I started my own music library company called SpiritFlow Music. My productions and compositions have become the staple of the grief therapy market, being used on thousands video productions as well as for broadcast programming.

Audio Production
As an audio engineer I have worked in professional recording studios for over 30 years. From 24 track analog tape to digital audio workstations and everything in between, I have had the privilege of using some of the finest equipment ever made, including the coveted Neuman U67 microphones and the Fairchild 670 compressor.

Sound Design/ Programming
My career path started back in the glory days of analog when my synthesizer and programming chops landed me an endorsement artist deal with Moog (arguably the most prestigious synthesizer manufacture on the planet at the time). I went on to work with other manufactures as well as soundware companies to develop and program many successful commercial sample libraries. As a programmer, I have had the privilege of working with the biggest names in the industry: Gary Garritan, Kirk Hunter, and Ilio, to name a few. Certainly one of the highlights of my resume was working with Miroslav Vitous as a programmer on his ground breaking virtual orchestra. It literally pioneered the way for this new and exciting virtual instrument revolution. I capitalized on my credibility and success as a programmer to transition into the world of Sound Design to create Analog Meltdown; my idea of morphing all the technologies and types of synthesis of the day into a radically new sound helped turn it into a critically acclaimed and groundbreaking project in its own right. My attention to detail and relentless desire to go where no man has gone before is what keeps me on the cutting edge of today’s technology. I have programmed various music projects for film, television, studio and stage. What makes me unique is the fact that I am not just a techno-wizard, I am in the trenches as a musician, composer, performer, entertainer, arranger, engineer, producer, and most importantly, a teacher.

Most importantly, my work is an expression of my passion and creativity gleaned from the variety of musical experiences I have enjoyed over the years. I now want to share that knowledge and experience by enabling my students to discover how music can enrich their lives as much as it has enriched mine.

2 For 1 Scales For Piano - Authored By Kevin Wakefield

Author of “2 For 1 Scales”An Integrated Approach to Learning and Memorizing Scales

Like many other great ideas, 2 for 1 Scales came out of need. After abandoning my frustrating and unsuccessful search for a scales method that thinks like to do, I did what any self-respecting, music teacher and composer would do, I produced one that did.

Kevin Wakefield in the studio.

Kevin’s Band – Alive And Kicking