Academic Update:

As we continue to struggle with how best to deal with the public instruction of our children during this pandemic, one thing is clear.  Without the support and structure of in- person, on-campus classes, working families need help, especially large families.  If that’s you, I believe I can help your family with your academic needs during these challenging times.

Beginning this September, I will be adding a new service to my business. In addition to my private music lessons I will also be offering Learning Coach services.  Think of me as A “Study Buddy”, a “Homework Helper”, a “Tutor”, a “Cheerleader” and your coach, all in one. I would not even be offended if you added babysitter to the description.  Considering my years of experience in public schools teaching grades K-6, I absolutely understand that component as well.


Obviously, keeping your child on pace, on track, organized, engaged, motivated and inspired about their education is important to you.  Please allow me to ask a few personal questions; does that sound like an endeavor you as a working parent are equipped and eager to take on? Does your child resist your best efforts to help them with their studies?  Is it a battle to get the simplest projects accomplished? Is it a war of wills that you feel no one ever wins?  How about this one; are your children polar opposites from one another? Is one child a highly motivated self-starter while the others need constant interaction and attention? Now, a really difficult question: do you have a special needs child in the home that will now require the attention and support they have been used to getting from the professionals on-site in the class rooms?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then consider yourself in good company.

Again, I’m here to help. As your Home Learning Facilitator, I will work together with your teachers and your children on a personalized program to ensure they will get the individualized instruction and attention they need to be successful is this unique learning environment.  My program is filled with daily rituals designed to provide structure, consistency as well as promote emotional and social wellness.  As you can imagine, demand for this service is extremely high and my space is limited so I do encourage you to contact me ASAP for more information if you are interested in my fall enrollment.

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