Come One, Come All

I teach students of all ages and abilities how to play the piano using a very simple approach. I combine the traditions of the past, technology of the future and techniques from the masters.  This three-tier approach is the foundation of my teaching style. I combine that with an even more important philosophy. I teach the student not just the curriculum. Every student has his or her own unique learning style.  Understanding the learning styles of my students has proven to be the most effective way for me to teach the curriculum.

Traditions of the Past

Faber, Alfred, Hanon, Scales, Bach… I teach these because they work.  Generations of teachers and students have accomplished great things using respected author’s and master’s methods.  You know the saying; “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” Terrible grammar, but totally true. 

Keyboard Music Lessons

Technology of the Future

Does your child enjoy playing video games? Does your child enjoy music? Is technology a big part of your families daily routine?  If so, this curriculum is for you. My students will use iPads and assorted video game style music apps as an engaging, fun and effective method of learning how to play, sing, understand and interact with music.  Additionally, these powerful tools allow us to interact with our students in ways never before possible. With this technology I can automatically receive weekly reports to track progress in between lessons. I can assign home challenges during the week for additional practice songs and exercises.  Additionally, many of the most popular author’s method books are available in this format, creating a much more convenient, engaging and affordable way to access these materials. With equal parts of creativity and core curriculum, this musically rich environment is sure to inspire, motivate and help develop your child’s love of music and learning.

Techniques From the Masters

Proper technique is essential to progressing as a pianist. In the absence of good piano technique, is the presence of bad habits.  Considering how hard it is to break bad habits, you can understand why I focus so much on this critical discipline during the early childhood development stages.  If you’re an older, self-taught, pianist you know exactly what I’m talking about. Not to worry. Although it’s never easy breaking a bad habit, it is always worth it. 

2 For 1 Scales For Piano - Authored By Kevin Wakefield
2 For 1 Scales For Piano - Authored By Kevin Wakefield