I offer private trumpet instruction to all ages, specializing in elementary and middle school levels.

It all started when I was 10 years old. I was taking piano lessons at the time but was not hitting it off with my teacher so I asked for a trumpet for my birthday. When my mother asked me “why a trumpet”? I responded, “because of the Herb Albert and The Tijuana Brass album you just brought home”. I absolutely loved it. My dad’s response was classic. “It ‘s better than that acid rock stuff your brother listens to”. (Maybe the pretty lady on the album cover had a little to do with it.) The trumpet transformed the way I saw myself. This shy, skinny, insecure kid, all of a sudden felt like a super hero. My friends and family were always asking me to play something. By the time Jr. High rolled around I was band president and MC for our performances. I was hooked, All City Band practice on weekends, big concerts in the park during the summer, it felt like a career. In high school it was Stage Band, Marching Band, Concert Band…I couldn’t wait for the next band concert, parade or performance. Just give me the Mic! It was my time to shine. My senior year I was voted “Most Talented” in my graduating class. Maybe that was true, maybe not. What is true, is, I knew music was going to be my career path by the 8th grade. For the record; Band Geeks Are Cool!

Kevin Wakefield playing the trumpet as a young kid
Kevin Wakefield playing the trumpet as a young kid

Life's Been Good

Here are a few valuable statistics: Band kids get higher grades, are less likely to get involved in drugs and alcohol, are more likely to go to college, have higher paying, more satisfying careers, and, in general, are more joyful.  I’m just putting that out there.

A Step In The Right Direction

Ok, so playing the trumpet may not guarantee your child will live a charmed life, but the statistics suggest we will be on the right path towards it.