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I wanted to take this opportunity to send a quick update about my private music lesson programs.  1st I wanted to thank all my current students and families for your partnership and support over the years and especially during the Pandemic. It is with sincere prayer and trust in God that there will be better times ahead.

Considering those times are still a bit future, I do want to take this opportunity to let those of you who are interested in piano lessons but are not comfortable with in person contact just yet?  I have a great solution for you.  My online, real-time, interactive lessons have proven to be a very attractive option for my students and families I serve.  I believe they can be for your family as well.  The convenience, safety and flexibility are huge benefits and with the right equipment and a stable internet connection it truly is the next best thing to being there.

Because my family is high risk, as are some of my clients, I can only offer in-person lessons on a case-by-case basis. I continue to remain as isolated as possible in an effort to help protect myself as well as the students I do see in person.  We take every safety precaution; we are outside (weather permitting), we wear masks and keep our distance.  The health and safety of the families I serve is my highest priority so please understand if your community exposure may disqualify you from the in-person option.

More Than Music

I have said it all along.  My goals for my students are not limited to their instrument.  Learning to play an instrument is so much more than music. Its’ educational value spans all of the academic disciplines.  Learning to read music is learning another language.  Understanding how to count the rhythms is math in its purist form.  Studying the different styles and periods of music is a master class in world history and social studies.  The discipline we develop at an early age, while learning how to read music and play piano, stays with us for a lifetime.  The science and research is clear and the results are in.  Children who learn to play an instrument at an early age score higher, on average, in virtually every metric that matters than children who did not.  So there is my elevator pitch for why music education is so important to early childhood development.  Learning to play the piano is so much more than making music.  We’re making difference! One family at a time!


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